Uzbekistan – magic and exotic land


In Central Asia, there is a country where you can sense the real ancient East and the name of the country is Uzbekistan. It is the exotic and original, novel and magic land, which is worth a visit to see its true beauty and majesty.


The citadel of world treasures opens up the most secret and ancient jewels of the past and the present. Uzbekistan — a country with a rich heritage, a country inhabited by a generous and kind people who cherish and pass down from generation to generation their traditions and customs. Pomposity here is natural and not out of the ordinary. After all, who has not heard about Samarkand? Samarkand managed to keep and carry through the centuries great examples of medieval architecture that affect architectural decisions and forms, its rich and varied colors. This city has something to boast and surprise, is one of the many places to visit while your arrival in Uzbekistan. This amazing country absorbed the legacy of the great rulers, such as, for example, the famous conqueror Tamerlane, who was buried in Samarkand.

Culture of Uzbekistan is diverse and colorful, because it is a symbiosis of different ethnic groups. It is a country that is breathtaking and fall in love with from the very first seconds. Each attraction is unique and priceless palaces and mausoleums, minarets and mosques, delicately made ornaments and terracotta slabs. Tashkent and Khiva, Samarkand and Bukhara — every city, wherever you go again surprises and delights. And as for the traditional national cuisine of Uzbekistan we can talk for hours. One more reason to fall in love with Uzbekistan is Uzbek pilaf and bread, samsa and kebab, a variety of fruits and sweets.


Any eastern city cannot be imagined without the bazaar. Small primordial and large historical places are the most visited ones. Bazar — is not only a wide choice of fresh products at a reasonable price, but also the joy of communication the seller with the buyer.

To experience the real flavor of the East, be sure to go to the local Uzbek markets. A rare visitor of our country manage without visiting the market and buying Uzbek bread, fruits, vegetables, sweets and spices. Some of the bazaars of Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, as a rule, are included in the tour programs of travel agencies, along with visits to landmarks. Delicious souvenirs from sunny Uzbekistan are willingly bought by tourists and visitors.

Tashkent is the eastern city, attracting its mysteries. What is it so interesting to tourists?

In fact, Tashkent is the extraordinarily beautiful city. There are constant restructuring, new houses are built, the area is planted with new trees, new parks are built, which are more and more spectacular, and giving the city a fresh and beautiful look.


Metropolitan of Tashkent is distinguished by the most beautiful stations, trimmed up with marble, glass and gilding. Moreover, each station is different from each other.

Tashkent, in turn, is an unusual capital. It is one of the few cities in the world, where because of the low pollution of the city, at night you can see the amazing starry sky.

Tashkent is the city of numerous bazaars. Once being at any of these, you will be amazed at the abundance, color and smell of the goods sold here. Juicy delicious fruits and vegetables, amazing dried fruits, by which it is impossible to pass, crispy oriental cakes and meat, spices and fabrics … Right in the bazaars there are choykhanas (tea houses): cafes, offering customers to eat pilaf, shashlik and shurpa, washing down all this with delicious tea.

Bazaars in Uzbekistan

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