Things To Do in Santa Cruz This Weekend


You can find several excellent beaches close to Santa Cruz, and every coastline area has its features. Principal Beach in the boardwalk is excellent for the picture, actions, retail stores, boardwalk trips and visitor eateries and gets the most visitors. But depending on your own time and passions, you can find a bunch or other great beaches, such as Natural Bridges, Seabright (aka Citadel), Double Ponds… Choose whatever you need.

If you’re looking for things to do in Santa Cruz this weekend please make sure you check sites like and Tripadvisor for special hotel deals. Very often staying at a great hotel helps you spend your time with a lot of fun — great hotel location close to all local attractions is half the deal.

A popular activity for residents and visitors alike would be to stroll or ride a bicycle along West Cliff Drive. The whole manner in the Board Walk to Natural Bridges has an ocean side path that is made, so backpackers need not worry about getting run over. This walk goes past a few coves, Tools Street users level and the users sculpture. There’s one nudist beach in the cove near Ave, however avoid being glance and an idiot down the coves. Where the path stops at Natural Bridges State Park you will find amenities like toilets and picnic tables. There’s also an a guests centre, and grove where butterflies assemble.

Avenue is the epicenter of Santa Cruz. Strange and vibrant, the half mile-long stretch from Water St. toward the shore has lots to see and do to help purchasing, eating and people watching. It’s had a number of years for the vacant lots all to be reconstructed since the 1989 Loma Prieta quake, but luckily the new structures are created considerately; they preserve appeal and the character of early in the day times.




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