Vehicle construction



Vehicle construction



Automobile is wheeled motor vehicle using for passengers and cargo transportation. It is very difficult to imagine life without a car today. If you want to drive a vehicle, you need study Vehicle construction, because It is necessary, to be a good driver.


Vehicle Construction is website with ultimate guide to how vehicles work and free guide to every part of a vehicle. Professional quality material of this website will help you to learn everything about vehicle mechanics. I’m going to be original and reiterate how amazingly well made website`s articles are and how impressive a teaching man he is.


Vehicle Construction Book

Structure of this website remind Vehicle construction book. There are show the main parts of car as engine, transmission, chassis, suspension, steering system and brakes on the website.

Vehicle construction


Vehicle consist of three main parts:

1)   Vehicle body construction;

2)   Chassis (transmission, suspension, steering mechanisms);

3)   Engine construction.


Explore anatomy vehicle

In order to explore anatomy vehicles you must consistently learn materials website. It will be effective if you will be going study in the following sequence:

1) Purpose of device (explore vehicle purpose and then vehicle construction);

2) Vehicle construction (it`s your first to study structure of the car, then you can begin to learn the every part of a vehicle). 

3) Operating of the vehicle will be easy, if you have been studied the function and arrangement different parts of a vehicle. 


Welcome to the new website about Vehicle construction on English. 



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