Turn Yourself into a Brand, Using YouTube, Periskope and Ask.fm for Personal Promotion


Can you guess, what do Richard Branson, Tyra Banks and Steve Jobs have in common? These people understand the importance of personal promotion. Their names are popular brands, which turns everything they touch into gold.

Creating personal brand is useful for every ambitious person, no matter, if you are a founder of a small startup, an independent filmmaker or a future celebrity. Luckily, modern technologies make your way to the top much easier. Let’s figure out, how popular social media can influence your personal success.

Show your life with YouTube

YouTube is an extremely popular video sharing resource. Top YouTube authors are local celebrities for the service’s audience. They get millions of views worldwide and even earn money with monetized advertising.

Create a channel, define specific features of your personal brand – and start downloading videos! Make sure, the quality and content correspond to your future aims. Tell people unobtrusively about your business, products or carrier plans.

People are not excited to follow unpopular channels, so do your best to create an illusion of success. There are special services, like https://soctarget.com/, which can help you greatly. Order views, likes, shares and comments to get to YouTube trends. It will lead you to the top of the search and attract new followers.

Stream your adventures with Periskope

Periskope has been created for future TV stars, there is even a special Periscope TV channel. This application allows streaming your everyday life and saving broadcast for further sharing. The real time conversation with people and “on air” communication may increase the number of your followers and influence further promotion. You can also show people special events, products or business services, exciting trips and interesting sights.

Every Periskope streaming starts with a proper promotion. Periskope is owned by Twitter, so don’t forget to share the link for your broadcast there. Announce date and time of broadcast on social media and describe the topic or occasion of the stream. If you can’t get enough views by yourself, try to buy periscope followers from special services. Such companies provide their customers with real followers, who are interested in your content and will watch your Periscope streams.

Answer questions with Ask.fm

Ask.fm is one more popular social media, which helps get in touch with your audience. Receiving a lot of questions is a great indicator of people’s interest to your personality and field of action. Witty answers and informative messages can attract even more attention to your products or business.

Invite people to ask more questions by teasing answers and photos. Don’t forget about Ask.fm likes, which indicate sincere interest and tolerance of its users. At first you can buy ask fm likes to motivate people. This simple action can create a real snowball effect, which will be useful in further promotion.

Social media is a powerful resource, which is able to improve your business perspectives. Just stop use it as a time killer and take maximum advantage out of popular services! As soon as your name becomes a far-famed brand, you will open a completely new page of your business’ history.


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